Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

JTC Series

JTC Series die casting machines range from 1500kN to 26000kN in clamping force.These die casting machines are suitable in processing lead,zinc,copper,aluminum, magnesium and many other nonferrous metals casting

JTC+Series Number (ten times of which is clamping force.) E g. JTC150, Clamping force=150*10=1500kN.

Character of The Machines

1.Controlled by electric devices and hydraulic sysytem,which can completely operated manually, semiautomatically or antomatically

2.Adopting toggle mechanism,the machines have a high righ rigidity and a reliable stability while running

3.The injection system is constituted of Three-Step Injection and a specially quick track device

4.The hydraulic system is equipped with imported,special controls (computers),or with imported,top grade PLC controls.All those ensure that the whole machine works accurately and efficiently.

5.All the technological parametes are allowed to be adjusted independently to meet various technique reqrirements.