Die casting machine is a commonly used metal forming equipment used to manufacture various metal parts and products. In the die-casting process, some bottlenecks that restrict the increase in production capacity may be encountered. Below I will briefly introduce some common bottlenecks and possible breakthrough methods for you.

Equipment capacity limitation: Die casting machine specifications and performance have a direct impact on production capacity. If the size of the die-casting machine is small or the technical parameters are insufficient, it may not be able to meet the needs of mass production. The way to solve this problem is to upgrade the equipment and choose a die-casting machine with a larger size and higher performance to increase production capacity.

Long mold manufacturing cycle: The die-casting process requires the use of molds, and the mold manufacturing cycle may be long, resulting in an extended production cycle. In order to break through this bottleneck, the following measures can be taken: optimize the mold design and reduce the manufacturing cycle; increase the number of molds so that multiple production tasks can be carried out at the same time; establish a close cooperative relationship with mold suppliers to speed up mold delivery.

Insufficient supply of materials: The die-casting process requires a large amount of metal materials. If the supply of materials is insufficient, it will limit the increase in production capacity. To solve this problem, the following measures can be taken: establish long-term cooperative relationship with reliable suppliers to ensure timely supply; optimize material management to reduce inventory and waste; find alternative materials in case of insufficient supply.

Insufficient process optimization: The optimization of die casting process can significantly increase production capacity. If the process parameters are set unreasonably or the operation is not standardized, it may lead to low production efficiency and reduced product quality. In order to break through this bottleneck, the following process optimization measures can be carried out: optimize injection speed and pressure to improve filling efficiency; optimize cooling system to shorten cooling time; strengthen operation training to improve worker skill level.

High energy consumption: Die casting machines need to consume a lot of energy during operation, such as electricity and cooling water. High energy consumption will increase production costs and limit capacity improvements. In order to solve this problem, the following measures can be taken: use energy-saving die-casting machines to reduce energy consumption; optimize energy management to improve energy utilization efficiency; adopt a circulating cooling water system to reduce the amount of cooling water used.

The above are some common bottlenecks that restrict the production capacity of die casting machines and possible breakthrough methods.

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